Sedona Trailsaw Tire review

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Another tire review!

Picture this, you just got the 23rd plug buried in that sidewall and are praying to the off-road gods that you can get back to camp safely. Looking down at the remaining rubber, you wonder if its just time to get a fresh set under your ride so you can explore with confidence. But which ones to choose out of the HUNDREDS available? Price point, tread patter, sidewall design, ply count, its enough information and statistics to make your head spin.

When we test tires out, we like to be as critical as possible. Tires can't just look cool, they need to perform! Do they track well at high speed? Do they have good traction on loose gravel? Are they soft enough to grab rocks and pull your rig up while still allowing enough slip to not snap an axle? Do they spin in sand or just bury the car? These are the metrics we look at.

Enter the Sedona Trailsaw. Affordable, good looking, and performance to boot. Even the most expensive off-road tire can get an unrepairable puncture, and throwing hundreds of dollars away gets really irritating after a while. The Sedona Trailsaw starts at just $233 for the 28" and up to $300 for a 35" variant, which is definitely on the more "affordable" part of the tire pricing spectrum.

We got a set of 5 - 35" tires(can't forget a spare!) for our 2022 RZR Turbo R 4 seater and a set of 32" tires for our 2023 KRX to see how they hold up to the varied terrain in Southern California and the rock quarries of Southern Utah (one of our favorite places to ride!)

The aggressive pattern on the Sedona Trailsaws shows off large shoulder lugs that help grab the terrain with confidence. We got both rigs out to Utah following purpose built rock buggies on the very popular (and drastically more expensive) Rockzillas and had no issues keeping the same lines with our dual purpose UTVs. They handled everything we could throw at them with ease, and we did not have any issues with pinch flats even down at 6psi.

At high speeds, the Trailsaws have no vibrating and no wandering. On some tires we have experienced some feedback through the chassis or steering wheel, but these Sedonas feel smooth as butter. They react to terrain changes well, from silt to hard pack to loose gravel, they stay on top without diving or darting off course.

In the rock littered trails of Southern California, no tire is safe. Side walls are magnets for any jagged edge, and if there is one place to test durability, it's right here in our backyard. So we loaded up and took the rigs out to Barstow to hit the dirt. Barstow trails are notorious for hidden edges and sharp corners, and unfortunately we did have the lead car catch both front and rear tires on the driver side. A quick tire swap got our spare on the front, and a few plugs in the other got us back to camp to address the issue further. Like we said earlier, no tire is safe or indestructible, and this could have happened to even a full blown race tire. After about 1000 miles of abuse on these tires, a singular incident like this was not unexpected. Our RZR has over 1000 miles with no issues on the 35" Trailsaws, and we would not hesitate to run these tires again for our next UTV project.

Too long, didn't read? The Sedona Trailsaw is likely the best bang-for-your-buck tire on the market currently. It tackles all sorts of terrain extremely well from sand to rocks to hard pack. They are not unnecessarily heavy, they look great, and are on the more affordable end. 

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