About Us

FASTLAB was founded after experiencing poor customer service and lazy engineering that is the standard in the offroad industry.  With a youthful energy and problem solving background, the founders decided to tackle this problem by establishing a company with the highest standards.  Our goal is to design and manufacture well engineered, easy to install, functional products across multiple industries.  We stand behind our products (all designed and manufactured in the USA) with the highest level of customer service.  We take pride in evaluating customer feedback regularly to revise products and provide the best product at a fair price.

Co-Owners Harley Sipes and Collin Dunner have been going to Glamis and the Southern California Desert since they were fresh out of the womb.  They met in 2008 when they both purchased DS450 ATVs from a weird company called Can-Am (that was their entry back into the offroad game).  Needing to meet up with fellow DS450 owners, they started going to Glamis Sand Dunes to explore and carve the bowls.  Now, having graduated to SxS Vehicles, their background in mechanical engineering and race prep led them to identify product needs in the market.  The first product, our YXZ Spare Tire Carrier, was conceptualized and drawn in CAD on a laptop in 2020 during a Glamis trip.  Their passion for adventure continues to drive innovation into each FASTLAB product.

Starting in 2021, at the request of customers, FASTLAB decided to open a workshop to install products, build roll cages, and service vehicles.  Today we have a fully functioning shop with full fabrication abilities, CNC equipment, and an insurance approved repair facility.  We love to help our customers with simple and complex jobs.  Feel free to reach out today with your idea and let's make it a reality!