2022 Polaris RZR Turbo R long term review

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We have now had our 2022 Polaris RZR Turbo R 4 seater for almost 2 years now, and after upgrading, repairing and modifying many parts for well over 1000 miles of testing, it's time for our long term review!

The smaller brother to the top level Pro R may have been overlooked by some, but the Turbo R has a proven engine package capable of some serious power, with all the suspension capabilities of the big dog Pro R. Once we removed the catalytic converter with a Trinity e-valve, boost tubes, blow off valve and a custom tune from Evolution Powersports, we were in the same hp range as the higher end model. Power was and is still not an issue in this UTV.

We have done it all with the Turbo R. Raced i the UTV Takeover short course event, rock crawled with purpose built buggies throughout Sand Hollow, and even slapped on some full sized 33" Sand Tires Unlimited Sand Blasters meant for a sand rail and carved Glamis dunes for days on end. The Turbo R is a versatile machine to say the least.

Through our build process and modifications, we did run into small hiccups here and there, all of which we found solutions for that helped the reliability, making this a very reliable machine. The P90X clutch system that Polaris outfitted is an upgrade from previous 2021 RZRs, and you can find the same CVT clutches on the final years of the late Turbo S. One thing we did notice, especially after duning the RZR, was we would delaminate belts every few hundred miles. This led us to think the clutching was off, or improper cooling was taking place, as we all have learned at this point heat is the number one killer of CVT belts. We adjusted the weights in our primary clutches (thanks to the G-Boost Warthog kit) and also installed a Razorback CVT fan system that syncs with the Razorback CVT IR reader. We were able to see that belts were not getting that hot before having issues. Upon investigation we noticed that on the Turbo R CVT housing, there is an exhaust dam in the clutch housing, likely meant to direct hot air and any debris out the top of the clutch enclosure. Our theory was that under full throttle and sudden deceleration, the secondary clutch could not keep up with the primary, and for a moment there would be enough slack in the belt to tag the exhaust dam itself, thereby hitting the outer cogs of the belt. We decided to shave down the damn during a routine servicing, and since then we have not had a single belt failure!

Another issue we noticed is with the rear toe, particularly the toe links that have eccentric lock washers. On very aggressive runs, we did have the eccentric bolt shift positions, causing our passenger rear toe to kick out about a half inch. A quick repair (loosen the bolt and nut, rotate the washer into the correct position) and we were back in business, but it did have us keeping an eye on the bolt position the following few rides.

Our OEM battery also decided it wasn't up for the task early on in its life. In the first 8 months of service, the battery stopped turning the engine over and would no longer take a charge. A replacement AGM battery has been sufficient since then.

Besides a few small issues, none of which are deal breakers, the RZR Turbo R has been a phenomenal machine to own and operate, making it difficult to sell this unit and move on to the new platforms currently available on the market. 4 seats paired with this suspension and power package means fun for everyone. The cabin space is large and spacious, with good visibility for many riding conditions.

Below is the full list of modifications we executed to the Turbo R:

2022 Polaris RZR Turbo R 4 seater
LSK cage
LSK doors/frames
5 - 35" Sedona Trailsaws
5 - 15" Metal FX Hitman beadlocks
Gboost clutch kit 
EVO custom tune 
Trinity Racing boost tubes
Trinity Racing BOV
Trinity Racing cat delete/e-valve
Fastlab UTV bumper
SuperATV winch
Fastlab UTV swing out spare tire carrier
Fatlab UTV step/sliders
MTS Offroad billet shock forks
Z Broz Racing springs
5150 whips, rock lights and mustache
PCI intercom/Kenwood radio
Razorback CVT fan and IR belt reader
custom graphics by FreeRide Designs
SD LED mirrors
4x Open Trail 40w pods
Dragonfire chase bar
PRP 5.2 harnesses on all seats
all accessories ran through switch panel (even the winch)
custom 2 stage powdercoat throughout

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