Arisun Aftershock Tire Review

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Like most off roaders, we love getting out to new areas and exploring. When it comes to decking out a machine to make it as capable as possible, tires are one of those items that will generate a thousand different opinions based on a thousand different experiences. While both of our shop cars have had their fair share of miles through the deserts, rocks and sand, one tire has proven to be consistent time and time again; the Arisun Aftershock.

Back in 2020 when we first acquired our Can-Am X3 XRS, it still had the factory Maxxis Bighorn tires in a 30” diameter. After one ride, we knew it was time to upgrade our rubber before we had a mishap, so we ordered some 32x10x15 Arisun Aftershocks and mounted them to one of our favorite wheels, the 15x7 Raceline Ryno beadlock. 

Our X3 has roughly 2000 miles of abuse on these tires, and we have not had a single issue. We have had multiple trips to the red rocks of Sand Hollow, the jagged edged trails of Johnson Valley, and the rolling hills of Central California. These tires have never let us down, and we have never needed to even swap out our spare!

Traction is in abundance, even the sidewall proves to have enough grip to pull through deep crevices, all while allowing just enough slide to still let loose in the corners. The square edged profile has a wide contact patch, with enough siping in the treads to not get loaded up with mud, rocks or debris.

At just north of $230 each, these tires have paid for themselves many times over, providing countless hours and miles of trouble free enjoyment. Call us today to order your new pair!

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