2022 Polaris RZR Turbo R Review and Breakdown

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For the 2022 Sand Sports Super Show held in Costa Mesa, CA we picked up and built out the new Polaris RZR Turbo R. Pairing the proven turbo charged 925cc Prostar twin and the new suspension also seen on the flagship Pro R models, this UTV seemed like the perfect combination to tackle all of the terrain we see in Southern California and beyond.

Doing a quick once over on the vehicle, we immediately started installing all necessary parts to make this UTV a true "do-it-all" off-road vehicle. We are focused on safety first here at FastLab. We knew the stock cage may suffice for most, but we like to push our vehicles to the limits, so a new LSK Roll Cage was built and installed at our shop in Signal Hill, CA. The factory seat belts had to go as well, and we installed the PRP 5.2 harnesses to keep us planted when charging across the desert. While the steering wheel is satisfactory, we chose a NRG Alcantara flat bottom wheel with a quick disconnect hub to direct this RZR where we wanted to go.

The factory does provide some decent doors, but we wanted something with more coverage, and a little more style. LSK had just released their new Polaris Pro Line Doors with a 3D design that flows with the body lines, includes gas struts, and new door frames with rubber mounted hardware to keep vibrations and rattles non existent.  We knew these would look amazing on our rig. We finished these off in a high gloss black powder coat, and they turned out amazing.

Our plans of rock crawling this big girl meant bigger tires, so we went with the Sedona Trailsaws in a 35" diameter, and we wrapped them in the MetalFX Hitman wheel. Of course we had to bling them out, and got contrasting candy teal and gold to finish them off. Weighing in at 68lbs each, we knew that carrying 5 of them around would required some clutching and power, and we contacted Gboost for a clutch kit to bring our rpms back into their happy place, while using the Trinity Racing Side-Piece exhaust, boost tubes, blow off valve, and an EVO Performance Stage 2 tune to give us some juice.

Now that the RZR was towering on 35s, getting in and out of the UTV was proving to be a challenge, and knowing that we were taking this unit to rock crawl in Utah meant we needed rock sliders. Tubular sliders don't give much room to stand on, so we fabricated sliders that double as steps and created the Fastlab Rock Slider Steps for Pro R, Turbo R. and Pro XP Models. Machined inserts key into existing factory frame openings, meaning these do not move at all once installed, even after slamming into them hundreds of times when on the trail.

We also tossed the stock bumper and fabricated a new tube bumper that is reminiscent of the popular pre-runner look, while hiding a 4500lb winch behind an aluminum skid. Using factory locations, the Fastlab RZR Winch Bumper flows with the body lines perfectly again, while keeping all important components in the front protected. For the rear we made a Fastlab Hitch Radius Rod Pull Plate with an integrated 2" receiver to help drag our buddies out if needed.

Knowing that we would be miles away from camp, a spare tire just makes sense, and still having access to the deep bed on the RZR was a must, so we fabricated a Fastlab RZR Swing Out spare tire carrier that utilizes a dual taper bearing to keep the weight in check, while a dual locking latch keeps the large spare tire from swinging out when on the trail.

Communications are also mandatory on all of our vehicles, so we hit up the crew at PCI and installed their Elite system with Bluetooth and 4 head set jacks so we can talk to our passengers and others in our group with ease. PCI has proven time and time again to be the most reliable and clear radios, and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

After all of the necessities were ironed out, we chose 5150 LED whips, rock lights and mustache light add a little flair to the RZR, and the new Open Trail Stealth LED pods to give us some more light when racing back to camp after the sun had set. SD 911 LED mirrors provide side lighting to fill out the field of vision. A Dragonfire chase bar gives anyone behind us an indicator were we are in the dust. All electrical components, including the winch, are run through an Auxbeam AR800 switch panel, which has a momentary function and RGB backlighting, so this panel even matches our rock lights and LED whips!

After several hundred miles logged on our RZR, we are still in love. The new suspension that Polaris has designed makes this unit a blast to drive for extended rides, soaking up anything you can throw at it. The torque is constant, and the pull from the bottom and mid range is smooth and effortless. We have yet to find a terrain this car does not dominate, from the rock faces of Sand Hollow to the dunes of Glamis, this RZR is a straight up performer.

For the price point, it is hard to beat what the Turbo R has to offer. Coming in with an 8" shorter wheelbase than the Pro R, its easier to navigate on the trails, and the lower gearing in the transmission (as compared to the Pro XP that shares the drivetrain) means the Turbo R does better in the rocks as well. With a few simple bolt on upgrades, the Turbo R is north of 200hp, and within fighting range of the premier Pro R at a significantly lower price point.

We are looking forward to a few more miles on this unit before we move on to a new build, but check out all of the parts on our website or contact us for YOUR NEXT UTV BUILD!

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